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  • use your Remote Viewing skills (or your other intuitive or psychic skills) to predict future outcomes for any events of your choice (pick events with two possible outcomes, also known as binary events, like: 'Team A wins or Team B wins'; 'Buy stock or Sell stock'; 'Buy Bitcoin or Sell Bitcoin' ). The method used is called Associative Remote Viewing.  Click here to watch a short how-to video guide. 

  • beside making predictions on your own (as a Solo Remote Viewer/Intuitive) you can also manage a group of Remote Viewers or intuitives to predict future outcomes in a group effort

  • ​ARV Studio also features a Remote Viewing (RV) of practice photo targets while keeping you blind to the target


Make money and steady income right now using ARV Studio and Associative Remote Viewing. Here are two project examples which made significant profits / Return on Investment (ROI) in Forex market: 
































You must utilize remote viewing (or other intuitive/Psi-based methods and skills) in order to determine predictions when using ARV Studio. If you're not yet trained in remote viewing or other psi-based methods, you can engage other person or a group with such skills.

ARV Studio - your ultimate Remote Viewing and Associate Remote Viewing software




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Use the innate ability of your subconscious mind to successfully predict outcomes of future events: 

  • sports matches and games (any sport) where you ask a binary question that can have only two possible outcomes. For example: "Will Team A or Team B win?", "Will there be over or under 2.5 goals in a soccer game?". Formulate a similar question for other sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing and other.

  • financial markets: Stocks, Forex (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURAUD, USDJPY...), Options, Bonds, Commodities (Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc; Oil, Gas; Coffee, Corn, Wheat, Sugar...), Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA, TRON, Dash, ADA, Stellar...) and other financials markets and instruments. Formulate a binary question, for example: "Will the Gold price close the day above or below the price of $1250?", "Will the Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock price at day close be Higher or Lower than the day open price?"

  • Yes/No questions (regarding your life, business, family and other)

  • Binary decisions (a choice between two alternatives, for instance between taking some specific action or not taking it)

  • Any other questions or events (properly formatted as questions with two possible choices or outcomes)

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Keep in mind: Demo version includes limited set of demo photo targets (small sized images):

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Read about Customer success story: 

£840 (GBP) profit with 5 ARV sessions using ARV-Studio software, by Keith Dawson

Lottery ARV for predicting lottery numbers using ARV, dowsing or psyching

Are you new to Remote Viewing and Associative Remote Viewing? Please check out the following links to find out more:

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ARV Studio is used for Associative Remote Viewing projects by many dozens of Remote Viewers around the world from USA, Canada, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic...

MAGIC MIND ANALYZER program by George Duisman

With ARV Studio software you can run these Modes/Protocols:


Link to FAQ: How to run multiple simultaneous ARV trials instead of single trials? How to do a new ARV trial/event while current ARV trial/event is not yet finished?

ARV Studio software -- Features:

ARV Studio version 2.4, December-21-2017


After 3.5 years of collecting and analysing over 600 ARV trials data - a new 2.4 version is released which reduces ARV misses up to 10%, makes ARV sessions easier to analyse by 40% and reduces poor target pairing by 90%.

Reducing ARV misses also implies reducing money loss (up to 10% for fixed wager amounts) while wagering on ARV predictions.


How is ARV Studio reducing misses and poor pairing and making judging sessions easier?


After observing numerous poor ARV target pairings cause session judging/analyzing to be more difficult and thus putting judges into a tough decision making position, the author has created a powerful ARV pairing algorithm called ARVOPTIMAL to create conditions to be able perform at optimal ARV accuracy level ('hit-rate') reflecting the remote viewer's current skill level and experience.

Poor target pairing is a significant factor creating unwanted judging/analysing difficulties and frustration and producing ARV misses.


Along with other factors, a poor quality binary ARV pair is considered:


  • When both photo targets include identical gestalt or element like: water, natural element, human/animal, building and other. This kind of pairing is not such a problem for a viewing part of the process, but it's causing difficulties for the judge who is trying to determine which of two targets is a better match for the remote viewing session.
  • When one target's complexity and visual/physical entropy is not equal to other target's complexity and entropy.
  • When targets are of poor resolution or have blurred or cut off parts thereby not allowing unambiguous identification of what the target actually is.


ARV Studio software eliminates such factors and has threefold benefits:

a) Poor target pairing is reduced by 90% with built-in ARVOPTIMAL algorithm*  (see above under Features)
b) As a result of a) judging process is much easier (up to 40%), as well as prediction calls
c) ARV misses are reduced up to 10% as a result of 1) ARVOPTIMAL algorithm* and 2) elimination of identical elements present in both targets


ARV misses are reduced up to 10% in comparison to usual pairing techniques which can produce good quality pairs but also up to 50% of problematic & poor quality pairs. ARV Studio software is packaged with only the best quality target pairings in ever improving target pairing algorithm which ensures dissimilar and opposite targets.


Creating a quality target pair takes time and patience and requires a certain level of experience based on years of observing ARV misses and suffering money loss due to poor pairings. ARV Studio enables you to create a quality binary photo pair with a single click, leaving you out of the pairing process so you can focus on your remote viewing session knowing that the software selected the target pair for you in an optimal way.



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VIDEO: Associative Remote Viewing for beginners:


"What is ARV?, ARV protocol, ARV Studio"


ARV Studio - your ultimate Remote Viewing and Associate Remote Viewing software


ARV Studio makes it easy for you to create an ARV task to predict a future outcome. Your only job is to 'remote view' for your Feedback photo target and to self-judge (or use independent judge), and the software does the rest for you, which is: random generation of task's coordinate number, random & dissimilar photo targets selection, random associations of two possible outcomes with two photo targets, Feedback delivery based on the outcome - all using powerful features described below.​


ARV Studio software reduces ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) misses up to 10%, makes ARV sessions easier to analyse by 40% and reduces poor target pairing by 90%.
Reducing ARV misses also implies reducing money loss (up to 10% for fixed wager amounts) while wagering on ARV predictions. --
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DEMO/TRIAL version

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